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Something that is been on my mind lately is the topic of being a watchman on the wall. Ezekiel 33 talks very specifically about this topic. To save space I'm going to paraphrase. In short the prophet quotes God and says 'if the sword is coming and you put a watchman on the wall, when he blows the trumpet and warns you and you don't listen but you go about your business and you don't pay any attention; when the sword falls your blood is on your own hands. But if the watchmen on the wall doesn't warn you your blood is still on your head but it is on his hands as well.'

We don't live in the country I grew up in. It's still called America but it doesn't feel like a nation founded on freedom and moral absolutes. I'm afraid we have lost our way.

Things are not good in our country. What was detestable and kept in the 'closet' 30 to 40 years ago is now acceptable. There is a show that has won 2 golden globes and its lead character has been praised as being heroic. The show is called 'Transparent'. It is about a man who seems to be a transvestite is going through the process of having a sex change. They are calling this ground breaking. Gay marriage is being discussed in our own state and the Supreme Court is gearing up to make it the law of the land.

Art exhibits that mock our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by putting the crucifix in a jar of urine are lauded as free speech but if we mention the name of Christ in a prayer or quote the bible in our schools, and the Statehouse, or in any public venue, we hear the cries of "separation of church and state"! (Incidentally, when I was in High School they were still praying "in Jesus name" over the loud speaker in the morning. That has become criminal in less than a generation. Has it made our school systems better and safer? You be the judge.)

Orange county Florida public schools are banning bibles to appease an atheist and a Satanist group. The fire Chief in Atlanta was fired because he wrote a book about marriage which mentioned that it was between a man and a woman.

The list is too long for this article and it is growing daily. I am standing on the wall and I am looking out over the landscape. The sword is coming down. The enemy is attacking. I see a small stir among the ranks of believers. (I want to emphasize the word small.) But I see a large army amassing, ready, organized and prepared for battle against truth. They are moving in and we are beginning to experience casualties.

All the warning signs to take up the armor and weapons of God and pursue the enemy are there. In our call to action in Ephesians 6 it specifically says 'put on, (you take responsibility and put it on), the whole armor of God... take into you the whole armor of God... gird your loins.other words get ready for war!

We aren't told to hide in bunkers; we are never called to retreat or turn our backs and run. We are told to stand firm and fight. This is no time for Christian cowards. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but we need men and women of courage that aren't afraid to stand for truth at ANY cost!

The Apostle Paul's final words to Timothy were "...be ready at all times... watch... fight the good fight... finish the course... keep (protect) the faith..." The captain of our army is the Lord of hosts. That can be translated as 'Lord of angel armies! "Whom shall we fear, of whom shall we be afraid?" "If God be for me, who shall be against me?"

Warning signs are all around us. In this age of information there isn't much hid. We are told to "beware when evil is called good and good is called evil." Evil is not only being called good but it is being applauded, celebrated; standing for unrighteousness is "heroic".

Apologist Eric Barger said "Nearly every evil previously rejected by society is now respected and flaunted: abortion, homosexuality, the sickest violence, unbridled lust, rejection of purity." I would add to that our fascination with death, zombies, and witch craft. There is a huge rise in interest in the supernatural, and new age is infiltrating the church.

Now more than ever we need to hone our prayer life, personally and corporately. We need to saturate our self with the Word of God. (Read it, meditate on it, memorize it, defend it, and keep it close to your heart.) We need to love each other and we must never be afraid to speak the truth in love to a world that is spinning out of control. Jesus really is the only answer.

The alarm is sounding. The enemy is attacking. Will you hear it? Or will you just ignore it pretending to be concerned, but hiding behind the walls of what we call a church building.

Ezekiel finishes chapter 33 with a very pointed warning to those that hear but choose to not act. 30 The Lord said, "Mortal man, your people are talking about you when they meet by the city walls or in the doorways of their houses. They say to one another, 'Let's go and hear what word has come from the Lord now.' 31 So my people crowd in to hear what you have to say, but they don't do what you tell them to do. Loving words are on their lips, but they continue their greedy ways. 32 To them you are nothing more than an entertainer singing love songs or playing a harp. They listen to all your words and don't obey a single one of them. 33 But when all your words come true—and they will come true—then they will know that a prophet has been among them."

Is that You?


LORD please don't let that be me. Set my heart on fire for you, your truth, prayer and your church. Help me to not look for entertainment but to love truth. You said if I love my life I will lose it. Put within me the ability and desire to love you more than life.