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About Grace Community Church

Several people from Mt. Vernon were attending church at Lexington Grace Brethren Church. Since so many were traveling from Mt. Vernon to Lexington, They made the decision to plant a church in Mt. Vernon. In 1995 Bob Nicholson became the first pastor.

Bob was pastor for close to a year. The church closed for a short time when Bob resigned. Some of the members wanted to see it continue so Glenn Forthoffer, and others began to meet with Dave Atkins, the former pastor of Lexington Grace Brethren Church.

Dave agreed to come and pastor GCC. He came to GCC in September of 1996. They started meeting in the community center in Gambier. In October they moved to the theater in the Mt. Vernon High School.

For two years the church ‘lived out of the back of a trailer’ setting up and tearing down equipment every Sunday. In April of 1998 Gcc moved into “the upper room”. It was the upstairs of the old Doc Fixit building on South Main Street. Finally, they had a place they could leave their stuff.

Pastor Dave was called to Wooster Grace Brethren Church and left GCC June 1, 1998. Dennis Egerton filled in until the end of the year. When Dennis left Glenn Forthoffer and Scott Federici took on the responsibilities of preaching. Glenn, Scott, Dale Metcalf, and Doug Williams began the task of finding a new pastor. 
They first met with Walt Malick in 1999. Walt agreed to come on board in 2000. Walt drove from Akron to Mt. Vernon for several months. Walt and Polly relocated to Mt. Vernon in 2001. They lived in the forthoffer’s basement until they could find a permanent residence.

During Walt’s watch we left the ‘upper room’ at Doc Fix its and began renting the Seventh Day Adventist City Church. This worked well for a number of years. 
On June26, 2003, Walt was in a bad motorcycle accident. A car went left of center and hit Walt. He lost his left leg and most of the use of his left arm. Glenn Forthoffer and Roger Tickle took on the pastoral duties of preaching and visiting.

In time Walt and Polly decided it would be best for them to move back to Akron to be near family. It was a very difficult decision for Walt and the church. His heart was in Mt. Vernon and he hated to leave.

In 2005 Roger Tickle came on officially as senior pastor. We moved from the Seventh Day Adventist building to pur own Facility in October 2009. The Lord provided us with a beautiful piece of property in the country south of Mt. Vernon.

Just like every fellowship, GCC has, by the grace of God, survived a lot of adversity. As Romans 8:28 states, it has all ‘worked together for good’. We are still a work in progress. There is so much more we could tell to fill in the blanks. Every day we add to the page to the history of who GCC is becoming on this journey following Jesus in the best way we know how.