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    Just Thinking 2/18

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What a world we live in! It has always been a difficult place especially for decent people, but it is quickly getting worse. Sometimes I feel like I’m always the bearer of bad news. Well I guess somebody’s gotta do it. This isn’t all bad. I want to throw a ‘what if?’ in there in a little bit.

The ‘thought police’ have taken over. Even though I know few people that agree with them they have a loud voice and it is only a matter of time before sane people begin to cave and buy into their insanity. Political correctness has gone way over the top. (Feelin’ it Cleveland Indians fans? Farewell Chief Wahoo.)

We are not even a whole generation away from complete (gender) chaos. It would take a couple pages to write all the different ways people define their sexuality today. LGTBQQIAA is the tip of the ice burg. Asexual, no sexual attraction; gray sexual, sometimes attracted; pansexual, attracted to anything; questioning, haven’t made up their mind yet… Imagine how many bathrooms Target would need to accommodate the plethora of gender confusion.

God’s plan was so much simpler and actually more scientifically accurate. “Male and female created he them.” “Man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife.” See how simple that is? And each person is what they were designed to be. (For a brief yet detailed study on human sexuality see Leviticus 18; Romans 1; I Cor. 6:18; Eph. 5:5; Don’t get mad at me, God designed the plan.)

Confusion comes from deep, deep wounds from different kinds of abuse and from a people hell bent on getting God out of their life, so they aren’t accountable for their actions. So, we discount him all together or we distort him to the point he looks like us, fallen sinful creatures. (again Romans 1) There are no boundaries. Literally ‘anything’ goes. Or does it?

Ask the cake shop owners from Oregon that are being sued for $135,000 because they wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay wedding. ‘Anything’ didn’t go for them. Ask the Alberta Canada couple that wanted to adopt a child but were denied because they were a Christian couple that believed the Bible. “Their religious beliefs regarding sexuality were incompatible with the adoption process.” ‘Anything’ didn’t go for them. Ask the coaches from 2 CHRISTIAN schools that were told they couldn’t have a pregame prayer because it “might be viewed as an endorsement of religion on Government property.” ‘Anything’ didn’t go for them.

Does there seem to be a pattern here? ‘Anything’ goes unless you are a Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ. I was denied by a local sign shop for a sign for our church bus because “We don’t do signs for churches.” Should I sue for mental duress and see if I could get it shut down? I wonder how that would fly in today's courts.

This is not to mention drugs, abortion, euthanasia, threat of nuclear attack; wars and rumors of wars, strange weather patterns, families at odds with each other, earth quakes in diverse places; delusional people believing a lie because they hated the truth and loved unrighteousness. (Matthew 25; II Thessalonians 2 If you want to know you will read it on your own.) It is a page (or two) right out of the play book called the Holy Bible. Good is being called evil and evil is good.

GOD HELP US!!! What’s God going to do? I’m glad you asked. God’s plan for his church was for us to be Ambassadors to the world to represent his name. We were told to occupy until he comes back. Jesus told his followers “You shall receive POWER after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you will be WITTNESSES for me in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the whole earth.”

So, the mandate for the church is to GO. Unfortunately, most of the church has decided to stay. It is unfortunately safe to say that a majority of believers have never shared their faith with anyone. This is where my ‘what If’ from the beginning of the article comes in.’ What if’ the majority of followers of Jesus actually began to follow Jesus and his directive to GO? I wonder what would happen? In Acts 4:8, when there was great persecution against the church and people were scattered all over the known world, it says “They went everywhere preaching the good news.”

That good news was Jesus the Christ paid for your sins on the cross and he rose from the dead and he can set you free from the prison your sin has you in. He can make you at one with God the Father and he has a place for you in heaven for eternity.

Do you know what happened? Some rejected the message. But the Bible says ‘multitudes’ came to faith in Christ. Entire cities were won to Christ and changed.

What if we did that? What if we obeyed the mandate to go? Could we win our city for Christ? Could we curb the drug epidemic? Could we help bring freedom into the gender confusion? Could we win a generation that is going to be forever lost if we don’t do something? Could we turn the tide of chaos and bring peace?

Think about it. What if… We serve the creator of the universe, the galaxies. He set the stars in place and calls them by name. He formed man out of the dirt and made woman from his side and breathed life into them. His desire is to still breath life into mankind. The only catch is he uses his followers to catch them. (Follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men.)

What if we quit talking about fishing and we actually started fishing? “You shall receive POWER…” I really believe the answer to ‘what if’ is a community, maybe a state, or even a nation could be set free.

Just Thinking --- Would you think about it also?

Pastor Roger